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Hey all,

I did the upgrade on my 2nd generation ES and took a bunch of pics (now in 800x600 GIF format) and put them into 3 zip of about 2mb each. Most turned out pretty good despite the close shots and one handed camera, one hand hold light tricks. Can anyone make a web page with these pics so everyone can see how to do this easy upgrade? Let me know, will try to send them out via email. BTW, did the creative crimping to connect the blade connector on the new bulb to the round (now blade type) connector.


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I'm certainly am capable of making a "How-To" webpage (hell, I did one for the K&N filter), but since I haven't done the bulb mod yet, I'm not sure if I would get all the steps correct. :)

I can give it a shot. If you'd like, you can email the pics to me. Please email them to my work address since I still only have a modem connection at home. Also, please send each zip file in a seperate email since incoming and outgoing emails are limited to about 5MB (per email).

[email protected]

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here's the how-to steps I posted earlier, not a very hard conversion, most of it is just following the steps in the owners manual

lighting upgrades

really this is all it says:

remove two screws holding in headlight assembly
pull assembly out of car
turn socket holding OEM bulb
pull off connector
attach new bulb
turn connector to lock
reattach headlight assembly using same two screws

H3 foglight bulbs, just as easy
remove screw
pull foglight assembly
undo clip holding bulb
pull wire, flatten round connector by crimping around a small blade screwdriver
attach new wire (straight blade style) into flattened connector
reattach clip
reattach assembly

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Pretty much same steps. Critical part of this is the replacement of the round female receiver or doing some creative crimping. The photos show the crimping how-to. So all that is needed for this mod is two pair of needle nose pliers and a phillips driver.

Order of the pics Warlord is this....

1. Before Upgraded Fogs
2. Before Upgraded Fogs1
3. PIAA ION Fog Lights
4. One Screw to Remove
5. Pull Out Housing
6. Removed
7. Unclip Back
8. Round, Oh ****
9. Squeeze Retainer
10. Dont Touch Bulbs
11. Bend Out
12. Flatten It
13. Align the Two
14. First Bend on Crimp
15. Bend over other Tab
16. Cover Back up

From here you just reverse the above to install.
Then the last two pics.

17. After Upgrade
18. PIAA ION Upgrade

If you need me to do the write up, i can do that too. I just suck at webpages. :D

BTW, feel free to kill, resize or even cut down the view on the pics. A few are fuzzy but it was hard holding light, part working on and camera.

Thanks again!

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