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i have 2 10" JBL GT1081 subs sitting around collecting dust. They were used in my bothers car for a little over 6 months until he took them out. When he took them out, they were working like new. There are no blemishes on the subs. Besides the dust, these subs pretty much look brand new. I'm asking $30 for each sub or $50 for both of them. I dont have the boxes for them or the manuels for them. But here is a link to the owners manuel and the thiele-small parameters as well as recomended box sizes:

10" JBL GT1081 owners manuel

JBL GT1081 Thiele-Small Parameters and recomended box sizes.

Here is a picture of of one of the subs:

If you are interested, send me a PM or shoot me an email at :[email protected]

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