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Many of your know we are having are second West Coast Meet of, This year is taking place in Ontario, CA

Helen has found a lovly park for us to meet at, (HOPING SHE READS THIS AND PMS ME WITH THE INFO ON THAT PARK)

Hotels are on your own, now place wants to do a group by.

i plan on staying those four days and even tho im 19 were partying hard.... jk

Plan is for those that can meet up in vegas come here, then we drive down to cali, early friday morning. BEAT THE HEAT FOR USE 2.7s

Come in friday as will other people, hoping to have a dinner with DI, go for a night cruze. i wanna make a video so alot of pics and videos. then get to bed asfor it will be a big day next day.

Meet up at the park around 1030 11, checking the park out before maybe we can kinda make it a all day thing if they have shade and a grill, we can find the DI Cheft of WC. then hang out for most of the day, followed by a lovly dinner that helen has found a place for us.

maybe some more cruzes and videos somewere else. then sunday, WE BOWL haha jk i dunno about sunday we dont have that planed.

but anyways we need a head count. Please post your name if you are for sure coming thanks.

feel free to add things to my list of to dos

When: August 12, 2006
Where:Westwind Community Center
2425 Riverside Drive
Ontarion, CA. 91761
Time:10:00AM until Whenever

Lunch will be at Graziano's Pizza Restraunt (across the street)
3060 S Archibald Ave
Ontario, CA 91761
Between E Chino Ave and E Riverside Dr

**Hotels:please make arrangements for your hotel as we can't recommend any as we don't want the liability if it's horrible. lol Sorry Try Orbitz, Priceline, etc with the zipcode. Ramada showed up @$64/night and there are so many more places.

*** Activities: Bowling, and more in the works.

Please update and let me know if your still making it

1. wb6vpm -- mike (+1, girlfreind)
2. Vegas Trep 00 -- nick (+1, girlfriend)
3. RedHot04 -- Helen (+2, Daughter, and ???)
4. DodgeyAussie -- Lee (+1, Wife)
5. Davesintrepid -- Dave? (+1, Wife) <--Tenative
6. Mr. Dodge -- Travis (+?)
7, mbtech208 --(+?)
8. eltee --(+1?)
9. SableSal --(+?)
10. Mathwiz-Charles

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Nick you have a PM

So what does everyone want to do while they are there? When does everyone plan on leaving? Anyone doing mods?? Anyone want to do a mod while we are there?

I think the weather will be great!! Let's do videos, pics, BBQ, let's have a blast!

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ad me for 2 extra people. and i will want to roll with the 2.7s due to i have no ac,so i will want to beat the heat.
so when you guys want to roll out friday morning hit me up a few days sooner so i can have my **** ready and know what tme to be ready. whos all driving from vegas?
and i would like to get a room in the same place with other di members so we can park next to eachother and roll out for saturday..

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I am coming, but only for Saturday. I have to work on Friday night and Sunday morning.

I thought we were going to Vince's Spaghetti for lunch on Saturday? The menu is limited to spaghetti but Vince's is better than Graziano's Pizza Restraunt.

It is about 6 miles from the park directions

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