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ok guys the decal guy in town said he would have no problem doing our decals for us and he also does shipping so anyone can order. the website is here: very good and reliable guy. ive had my intrepid decals on my doors done by him. here is the email that he sent me back:

Hey Curtis, nice to hear from you, I was thinking today boy it would be nice to have some 70 degree weather and go out and do some car shows. its coming!!
No problem with the decals what color and how many are you looking for? You mind me asking what you were getting them for and I could tell you if I can match or beat the price. I will bring your logo into the cutting program and make it cuttable. and wait to hear from you
Thanks Bob

i cant remember how much they were when i bought them. i told him the old decals were also 10" long and 2.5" tall. also i was wondering if randy was ok with this?
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