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I figured it was about time that I start doing a few of the mods that I've thought about doing for the last couple years. Started out with some LEDs under the front seats. I'm happy with the way it turned out.

The way I went about wiring it was by tapping into the wiring for the transmission indicator lighting on the shifter bezel. I also decided that I'd like to have a switch wired in line just in case I have something on the floorboard that I might not want anyone (more specifically a cop) to see. So I found a switch that I liked and hacked it to pieces.

I thought this one would work nicely

And here's where I hid it

Then yesterday my brother walked in the house with good size cardboard box. Said he found a set of Special HID headlights on ebay that he didn't need but the price was right. Bought them off him and got them put in. Looks much nicer now without the yellowed headlights.

Here's the old headlights

Here's the car with the new HIDs

Anyway, my next step is to wire in some white LED strips under the dash so that they come on with the courtesy lights and light up the floorboard. I'm also thinking about throwing a couple blue LEDs in the vents (haven't made up my mind for sure on that yet). Also, what I haven't pictured is a wood grain steering wheel that I bought off Gorm, and a chrome shifter that I bought from Josh.
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