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What's YOUR fuel brand?

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Reading Starscream's post made me think about offering up this topic to see what people run at their local gas stations. If you, list the brand (76, Mobil, Citgo, etc) and what octane you normally run.

Our local Open Pantry uses Citgo. I just run the normal 87 unleaded.
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Mid-Grade Amaco here or BP, I believe other
brands do make a difference, not for the better! :)
Well guys i run premimun 93 i give her the best there is for my baby. as for gas station my mechanic told me its the same **** no matter what brand. but i still go with either cheveron or amaco.
Midagrade Super America brand, premium once in a while, cuz she deserves it when I can afford it. Otherwise whatever gas station is around in an emergency!
I use Irving 87 octane
Only in Canada pity....
exxon 89/92. just depends on if I just got paid or not. :)
i usually buy citgo or amoco and 90% of the time it's midgrade (89). if not, usually it's premium (91-93, depending). i've only run 87 a few times.
Gotta support Dave Blany in #93 Dodge Intrepid R/T AMOCO car. I use Amoco 89 octane because the sticker on the fuel tank recommends 89.
usually 87 from texaco, but I'm happy with whatever is around at the time as long as it isn't above 1.80 p/gal. I also believe all brands are pretty much the same. It's getting to the point where all the additives just about do the same thing.
Mobil, and only Mobil

i used to only get 87, but lately i been filling her with 89
I use ESSO, yes, we still have ESSO stations in Canada, no EXXON.
I usually put 87 octane in but once per month, I will give my RT 89 octane. The manual says not to use anything higher.

IRVING? Only in Canada you say? Only in the maritimes, I say!! I remember, back in the early 70's summer, Irving was having a promo where they seeked out whatever 'good-lookin'' chicks they could find to pump gas. Yes boyz, only gas. A gimmick, maybe, but it didn't do much for my Ford Fairlane 500XL covertible with 95,000 miles on it.

Capitalcity RT
Amoco - 87 octane in our 93 Eagle Vision
and 2001 R/T (same for our 95/98 Intrepids),
I run Mid-grade from Ameco, or Exxon. Reason why, well I don't pay for my gas I have a company (Fuel Man Gas card) but it has a max of $60 a month :D Also there is a difference Between Ameco/Exxon gas and other gases from other stations............. ;)
I use just regular 87 octane, Sunoco has a 94 octane, I want to give that a try one day, see what the differance is like
You people who run mid-grade (89 octane) listen up. It may not be quite 89. I have a friend who works at a gas station and he says only two trucks show up. One for the 87 and another for the 91. The 89 is a mix of the 87 and the 91. It's hard to tell which there is more of. So the 89 octane could be 88, or it could be 90. Just a little FYI! :)
Almost always use texaco 87, starmart is close to home and has good prices.
Shell...only because it's right around the block and I'm usually running on fumes.. :)
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