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wheel bearing replacement

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For some reason my 2000 Intrepid w/40,000 mi. is needing the right rear wheel bearing replaced. I really didn't notice it at first because I like my music...but there is a definite whinning noise coming from that side, (I sat in the back seat while my wife drove around to pinpoint it)
Anyway, is this something I can replace myself (special tool to knock it out, etc.)
Anybody else have to replace their rear wheel bearings?
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what happened to your warrenty?

For good practice, get a 4 wheel alignment after you put the new bearing in. My front right one went out, and I put a new one in, but the rust that I took off the strut nuckle adjusted the spacing for the bearing surface, making the car drive crooked.... so be careful
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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