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What is the Base or SE model?

The base model and SE are really the same car. The SE name was started in 2000 and had SE badging on either the rear door (2000 & 2001) or trunk (2002-up). The easiest way to recognize this model is the front fascia that has no fog light openings. They feature a 2.7 liter DOHC 24 valve V6 engine. Base models 1998-1999 had 15” steel wheels with straight spoke hubcaps, later models upgraded to 16” steel wheels with a new bent spoke hubcap design used.

What is the ES model?

The ES model cars are designed to have all the comfort/luxury options available such as OTIS, leather, 60/40 split folding rear seats, Automatic climate control, traction control, leather wrapped steering wheel, leather wrapped shifter, polished exhaust tip and premium radios. All 98-2001 models feature either a 2.7 liter DOHC 24 valve engine or the more common 3.2 liter DOHC 24 valve engine with Autostick, 2002-up models feature a 3.5 motor with a slightly lower power output than the RT or SXT models. All ES models have 16” aluminum wheels, chrome wheels were optional starting in 2002.

What is the R/T model?

The R/T stands for Road and Track. It has the 3.5 liter 24 valve highest output engine. Typically R/Ts do not have all of the luxury items as the ES models, as they are intended for performance, not luxury. They were only made 2000-2002. All RT models have 17” wheels, silver in early years, chrome in 2002.

What is the SXT model?

The SXT was introduced in 2002 and featured the same 3.5 high output motor as the R/T. It was designed to be a lower cost alternative to the R/T in 2002 but became the “performance over luxury” model with the high output 3.5 engine and Autostick in 2003.

What is the Motorsports edition?

The Motorsports edition was made in 2001. The Motorsports trim option was available on all models for between $375-$865. Production numbers are: Intrepid SE - 584, Intrepid ES - 242, Intrepid RT - 383. It is a cosmetic enhancement and feature motorsports decals, floor mats, black wheels, and Goodyear Eagle 1 yellow letter tires. Canadian owners had a very similar trim option called the Daytona.

It's more than just decals though. There was an entire package shipped to the new owner after purchase. Here's is in the "Track Pack"

-Soft-sided beverage cooler
-gift-boxed 1/24th scale model race car
-custom Tasco binoculars
-46-inch by 57-inch three-color Afghan
-insulated water bottle
-vented umbrella
-lapel pin
-professional stopwatch in a commemorative tin
-barrel can cooler
-red twill cap with "Dodge Returns 2001" on it
-an autograph pen
-red adult-sized poncho
-"Different to the 10th" poster
-fabric pit-pass/credential holder
-windshield band decal
-history of Dodge decal
-Dodge NASCAR history videotape
-Dodge Motorsports window decal

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1) 2002 R/T's were the most premium Intrepids ever produced, more standard features and options than the ES' ever had.
2) Wasn't autostick discontinued on Intrepid's in '03?
3) The Canadian "Daytona" package was NOTHING like the US "Motorsports Edition"......Daytona package consisted of 2 exterior "Daytona" badges and the OEM spoiler.......I don't think it even included embroidered floor mats.

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I have a 2001 RT that has the comfort/luxury options like the leather, 60/40 split folding rear seats, traction control, leather wrapped steering wheel, leather wrapped shifter, polished exhaust tip and premium 9 speaker Infinity system with a 240w amp and 4 disc CD changer. The only thing I don't have is the Otis and Auto climate control. Both to be added soon however. I also have Tinted windows (dark) and the silver 17" rims. Oh yeah the 3.5ho engine to boot. So does that mean mine Trep was a special order, or just an exception as far as the equipment package is concerned? Just curious!
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