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anyone thats parting/scrapping out a 1993 with 3.3L motor in it,. i need an ECM engine computer for 1993 3.3L ASAP. also need a coolant tank cap the factory original early years pressurized black plastic style one.

i dont need parts yard recommendations, those wont help me at all. i woulda already been down that road a year ago if it would help, and......... i have no electronic forms of payment no debit card, no bank account of any kind. i ruined all that for myself long long ago years ago.

i need to find a person who is parting one of these cars out, or specifially has an ECM to sell/trade to me. directly. no other way really at all. with my current/past finanical situation and location. etc. i need to locate a parts car, or someone parting one of these LH platform cars out


also need a good MAP sensor -the - 3.3L early style- that screws into the threaded hole in the upper aluminum intake plenum and is the box/rectangle shaped black plastic style sensor,

located in central IL,
can either get a pre-paid visa debit, or i can send money walmart store to store. i dont have paypal or anything electronic or even any bank account. i dont evne have a smart phone. walmart store to store money transfer always works great for me no issues ever. or can just mail you a money order from a bank or post office or money gram etc. i really need an ECM for this 1993 out here the one in this car out here fried a year ago when i started the car witohut the alternator connected,. dont know how or why,. but it did.

lmailing any of these parts would be fine. none of the new auto parts stores have the correct factory style pressurized coolant tank cap for these cars and none of the parts yards here in central IL have an ECM that isnt either expensive as much as a new one almost,. or available right now, or the right year style,. PM or email me or text me 737 0942 in 217 anytime at all what you may have? thx
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