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Had a very weird dream this morning. It started out at some outdoor coffee shop where an old guy was on the phone trying to get directions to a hospital. He was getting very frustrated so I offered to help get them from the person he was on the phone with.

So I started talking to this person and get very frustrated as well as this woman is doing absolutely nothing to help. She actually told me that she was not able to give me the address to the hospital. So I said heck with it and told the old man I'll give him a ride and eventually got him\ to the hospital.

That's not even the weird part.

I went to work and was doing normal work things. Parked my car in front of the store with passenger side facing to the store. One of my employees went to lunch and didn't come back for 45 mins with some lame excuse from his girlfriend. Then this girl comes back in crying because apparently a big tree limb fell on her car. So we all go out to look at it when I notice that both of my passenger tires are missing. I walk around the car and find that almost all the sheet metal on the body is gone.

Ok, I see steeling tires but sheet metal off a door? wtf was that about? GRanted now I'm going to the auto store and getting locking lugs.

What a weird dream.
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