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Wifes gift.

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Well we needed to rent a car today due to
going all over MI this weekend, so I dutied wife to do it... The rules where.. "Its gotta be a Chrysler".... The woman comes back with a Trep SE... Yeah baby! :) I now feel at one with the world.. oh and my wife, how I love her so :)
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The best part about a rented 'Trep is that you get to try all those stupid things you've always wanted to but knew better.

Time for some E-brake slides, a few good neutral drops, and perhaps enough time for an old fashioned reverse to drive wheel spin festival!!!

I love rentals, what better way is there to relieve stress?
Luckly Luckly man a good wife is hard to find. My wife is great to but brain dead about cars. The only question i get. Honey what is the red light next to the gas gauge. Or when i go over 85mph the car some times acts funny honey :eek:. Have fun with your rental.
kinda makes you pitty the poor soul that buys them from the rental car selloff store
:) Good input guys :) I just came back from a long run in it.... loverly... it really picks up around the 40-50 mph range I found.... But you know I miss the little things my baby Corde has, like ATC... Such a spoilt brat I am... :)
Hey Si,

It goes to show you man that sometimes ALL that shopping experience does come in handy, at times.
Have fun with the Trep. Don't let her drive, especially around those Cavaliers.

Good trip, man. Don't kill yourself! Safe and FUN driving.

Capitalcity R/T
If she really loved you, she would have picked up an ES. :)

I'd say an R/T, but I doubt you'd find those for rentals...
Danny, It must come in handy like ya said.... see there is a good and bad to everything :)

Warlord... They didnt have an ES :( And you can forget the R/T :) I hinted for my dream car, the 300M but no go.. :(
Since I have this SE, I am going to persuade wife to race my Concorde, place youre bets folks, stock SE against a slightly mod`ed `corde.. Thing is, what do I drive? The corde or the SE? I reckon let wife have the SE, I know how to drive my baby for the best results..

It actually doesnt feel much faster than my corde..?!?!?! Am I on LHSers crack again?

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Hey thats awsome bro if i were you id start doing some donuts and peeling out from nuetral.

i Just wanna take a quick poll guys?
Whats the most awsome rental car youve had and the worst.

For me its got to be 2001 Camaro SS convertible. I couldnt beilve they had that car for rental but i got it. And the worst was a ford 2001 tauras those cars are suck peice of ****.
It doesn't matter man. With her racing record, she'll lose either way. 15 minutes before race time, pull out the mulit-page flyers from the newspaper and let her look at what's on sale. Her mind will be spinning faster than the tires on a '70 Super Bee. She'll then get confused and when its time to floor it, her foot will hit the brake pedal again. HaHa!

Capitalcity R/T
Wutang, Dude I already have it slightly out of Alignment I think, at 70 it tends to drift :) Oops <Erkel>Did I do that?</Erkel>

Danny, ****ing ROFL!!!!!! :D I havent laughed so hard for a long time dude... thing is... your right!!!! :) ;)
Pardon my non-chatroom chatter knowledge. but what is ROFL?

Capitalcity R/T
Best rental: 2001 300M, this is the car that convinced me to go car shopping. Unfortunatly my wallet went shopping with me and I realised I couldn't afford the car and bought the Trep instead My company arranges all my rentals directly so I usually end up with a Lumina or Taurus, I nearly wet myself with excitement when they dropped the 300M off.

Worst rental: The Grand Marquis we just rented in Ohio. Piece of junk didn't even have a CD player, the ford focus parked next to it had a CD but not the Marquis. I was on a "guy's weekend" with my buddy
(roller coasters, beer, strip bars) and he was in charge of the car rental, to say the least he heard my bitching the whole weekend. Couldn't even disable traction control for a good wheelwell full of smoke picture. What an overpriced mistake that car was.
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To answer youre question on what ROFL means. It means rolling on the floor laughing. As for the rentals yeah that grand maruquis is one piece of crap i mean what do you expect its a piece of crap. But one thing this car can do, the one i had didnt have traction control i put it on nuetral and drive this car can do good peel outs.

well si enjoy the intrepid while you have and rember burn rubber baby burn rubber :)
Originally posted by Si:
Thing is, what do I drive? The corde or the SE?
Whichever one you choose, you'll win. :) CapitalCity RT beat me to the puch line though. (Rat Bastard! :) )
hey Wutang, might want to resize that picture in your sig, the thing is HUGE!!!!!

Looks good, but still huge...
Wutang, size your pic down. It affects the text, I have to keep scrolling left and right to read every line.

Thanx dude.
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