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Hi! My name is Ashlin, I am an 18 year old trans-woman, and I got my license, along with my Intrepid, back in July of 2022. And already, I love it. Me and my boyfriend have named her Chlam, and she is very reliable. Especially for being a high mileage vehicle from 1997.

She barely had any damage, just hail and rust, and ran fine.

Until September of 2022, when my dumb butt went off the road somehow and into a cornfield. Broke the windshield, and corn is still in the car. But we survived lol.

Then in November we were hit by some snow, and the engine started having problems. Turns out the guy who sold it to us said he went over it with a fine tooth comb, but there was a severe misfire in piston 2, and the wires to the sparkplugs and the plugs were bad from age. So I guess he went over it with a comb that had a few gaps. But it got fixed and now it runs... okay.

See my latest issue was the alternator. It started acting weird in the beginning of December, with the lights fading and flickering, and then the battery light coming on while driving. Turns out I had a bad diode. However, after this was discovered, I haven't had any other issues with the alternator. So I dunno if I should go the safe route and replace it, or just test my luck.

Anyways first post, thank you for reading, and sorry in advance if this doesn't really... fit the standard.

Also here's a pic of Chlam on the day I got my license. Including my copilot Tea, the Ikea Shark.
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