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I am still thinking about getting that GPS unit for my iPAQ. Here is a question I have for you:

If I do get it, it will require 2 items to be plugged in to the lighter (they provide a Y-cable).

How would one go about hooking these directly up to the battery, therefor, not requiring me to plug them into my lighter??

Thanks in advance :)

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I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.

Basically, you are going to have to do like you would run power and ground for an amplifer.

You'll need a length of power cable, with an inline fuse no more than 18" from the battery. This cable will have to run through the firewall and into the cabin to whatever location you decide to mount the equipment. You'll also need to strip and splice onto the cable from battery the power cable that connects into your PDA.

You'll also need to run a ground, that will be the tricky part since grounds are best when as short as possible.

Of course, if you don't want to go through all that trouble, you can do what I did with my portable CD player in my first car. I just cut the power cord for it off the thing that plugs into the lighter, took apart the lighter socket and with clips attached the power and ground right there. It worked great.
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