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I dont know if anyone is interested but I will be in Wisconsin Dells on June 4th - 6th. I will be going with my family but most likly spilting up and my wife and I will do things on our own. We are taking 2 vechiles. We got this really cool SUmmer Kick-Off passes from these following radio stations.

Magic 105 - La Crosse
Wixx 101 - Green Bay
KATFM 92.9 - Dubuque

I'm sure you can check out ebay and get some if interested. Like I stated in the other thread in the whatever section. My family and I have went many years in a row and sometimes 3 or 4 times in one year. I havent went for about 2-3 years so I'm ready to go back and have a great time. If anyone is interested I can get you a motel for 49.00 a night. You can get 10 percent off at many food places and even some retailers. I will be going to the Riverview Park and Waterworld like every year my family goes. I will also be going to the Tommy Barlett show and even get on the Jet Boat haha.

If anyone is interested in meeting me up there or even going as a family then we can meet for lunch/supper or even meet for a snack somewhere. I do plan on spending time with my family but am open to hang out with a fellow DI.Net for a few hours or what not.
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