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3 minor hits and none were my fault.
The first one was i think 3 yeara ago when i was in highschool someidiot did a wide turn to park and i bashed his civic his whole door caved in.

and the only thing that happend to my trep was a minor scratch on the bumper not even a dent was on it. then the headlight assembley broke. it was his fault and his insurance payed for it. got a new painted bumper :D :D

The second one was a hit and run but i must of been the luckiest bastard this is how it happend. Well i used to park outsides my freinds house on the street because i used to do stupid stuff on the parking lot of school so they wouldnt let me drive to school anymore. So my boy and i would drive there. So one day i came back and i saw a note on my windshield and it had a girls number and name im like damn my somegirl is eyeing and wants to hookup. So i get in the car and then i call ask for that person and then she tells me she hit my car. i was driving and i slammed on my brakes when i heard this. well i got out of the car and then i saw it on the passenger side a big as dent im like damn i just got my car hit like 2 months ago.

well it was all cool her insurance payed for evertying and she was cool at least to leave a note. so i got a new fron panel painted door and side mirror and also a week free of rental car.

then the third one was really a hit and run which ticked the **** out of me cause it cracked my rear bumper and light. but i had to pay 250 deductible and the job came out to 1,200 for new bumper new light and some other crap now my car looks shiny :D :D :D
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