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WTB a few things - what do you have?

Well now that school is out and I'm gonna be able to work a lot more hours (plus the poker tables have been treating me well lately) I'm going to have some money for some mods for my R/T which I feel like I have been neglecting as of late.

So far, I've got chrome handles/switches/shifter overlay, EVIC, FIPK, lighted visors, auto-dim mirror and silverstars up front.

I'd say disregard my sig page... I think I am going to totally redo it this week. I'm planning on detailing tomorrow, so some new pics will be up.

If you have anything for me, let me know - or any suggestions as to what to do next? I am considering a 300M cluster, but am undecided if I want the 150 or 120 MPH cluster. I really don't plan on going any faster than 120, so I don't think the 150 MPH speedo is worth the extra cash.

Anyway, time to get back into the modding scene! Thanks in advance.


I forgot to say that I have a NON auto-dim mirror, NON-lighted visors, stock black window/lock switches, and the original tan door handles. Everything is in excellent condition. These can go to anyone who is willing to pay shipping for them.
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