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Looking to sell my 1995 Dodge Intrepid ES. It's been perfectly maintained, and taken care of since my father bought it new in 1995. It was my very first car, so of course, it has 2 dents, one in the passangers side door and the other on the driver's side.

Here is the sob story. A couple of months ago, after the car had $600 worth of work put into it, the rack and pinon system began to go. I decided to sell the car, because living in a city it wasn't worth it for me. The interior is immaculate, the exterior has NO rust, and is perfect besides those two dings. Tires are 2 years old, have complete records of everything that has ever been done to the car, as well as those of maintinence.

I'm looking for $500 or best offer. I figured I'd try here first to see if this was a valid price, or I'm simply making things up in my head. I'm located in Rochester, New York. The car is still drivable, and I'm willing to throw in cookies and a sandwitch.

Pictures availble upon request.
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