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Thanks for checking this out,

What is the remnants of the CFM last Sat of the Month show I was looking into creating a new place and new vision for having domestic muscle and sports cars, both new and old a place to show. CFM for all intents is no more . As with the Hurricanes that ruined last months attempt at a show.

BUT the tradition should be picked up and continued. For this I would like to extend an invitation to you the

DOMESTIC car enthusiast of central Florida.

The Last Saturday of the month is October 30th All Hallows Eve. Come Join us for a gathering:


It is on the corner of Kirkman Road and L B Mcleod about 1 mile from Universal Studios in Orlando. In the parking lot between the 7/11 gas station and Ruby Tuesdays and Denny’s restaurants. There is a vacant restaurant with enough parking for about 40+ cars. This is an impromptu place to meet till we find a new place that will host a new Muscle Car Night.

Mapquest: view of where to go.

The Show is from 6 PM till 10PM .

There is enough food and variety to make people happy. Also a chance to meet some people with new and old muscle cars of all makes and types. This is open to all DOMESTIC ie: American made cars. From SRT4’s to Vipers, Firebirds to GTO’s Mustangs to Ford GT’s , Camaros to Vettes. Hot rods, coupes, sedans, muscle trucks, station wagons. Get the idea? Cool hope you can join us. Its not for points awards or prizes, just to hang out and have fun and meet some like minded people. PLEASE NO RACING BURNOUT OR DISPLAYS. Be cool its just a meet.

!!! This is a 98% Internet invitation, posted on message boards for various car fanatics, if you could help spread the word I would like to see how this way of promoting it would go. Please if you would like to help with posting this on various websites for Central Florida car clubs please Email me at [email protected] I could use the help.

IMPORTANT: please email me if your interested in attending, like I said this is totally by internet and would like to get a response from you or your club or group about interest in attending to see if this is what I hope it would turn out to be.. Again the email address is [email protected] .

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you in two weeks, please spread the word and will see ya there.

Dave M.
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